I was twenty four years old when the losing of myself began.

Only one company job into the “real world” and that I knew one thing wasn’t right.

I have unbroken inquisitive, is this my line of work, is this the material world wherever I’ll reside and really shine, am I destined to a lifetime of 9-5?

Instead of protrusive it out and operating to work it out, I ran.

This is when my truth journey to yoga began.

I met those that were bending the principles, not molding to society, and carving out a singular path that enclosed each fulfillment and happiness.

And at a similar time, I used to be diving into a robust, steady posture follow wherever time liquified away and mental clarity took it’s place.

I teach what I’ve in person learned and discovered through the practices of yoga, heedfulness, and positive living. I teach what’s helped me cut loose from the corporate chains and build a lifetime of money and freedom of living.

I teach however I’ve learned to measure my journey, in hopes that you just learn to lives yours too. If you’re able to begin living yours, scroll my blog.

Let’s begin,
Amanda Nunes