Bed Sheet Toga Woman

So you’re going to a toga party. Figuring out what to wear is easy enough, but figuring out how to wear it is another story. Everyone who has been invited to a toga party has asked themselves, “How do I make a toga?” Finding out how to make a toga is one thing, but creating a toga that stays put and looks stylish is a whole different story. Today, we are looking at bed sheet togas for women.

Finding the Right Materials

Gathering the materials to create your bed sheet toga is easy, right? All you need is a bed sheet and a little ingenuity. Not so fast, young party goer. There is more to creating a bed sheet toga than finding a bed sheet. For this toga, you are going to need a white, twin sized bed sheet, some safety pins, and a belt. If you want your toga to stay in place, it is important to get fastening materials, just as the ancient Romans used back in the day.

Wrapping Your Toga

Take the twin sized bed sheet and drape it over your shoulder so that it covers your chest and stays in place behind your back. Next, take the sheet flap that is loose opposite your toga shoulder and wrap yourself up a few times until it is nice and tight. Then you want to use a corner of the sheet that you are wrapped in to tie a knot with the initial part of the sheet draped around your shoulder. Use a safety pin to fasten the sheet in place, and tie the belt around your waist for the finished product.

When you arrive at the toga party, you want everyone to know that you are the queen bed sheet toga woman, so establish your dominance by creating a pillow throne by the punch bowl, and declaring the land that surrounds it. Be sure to take pictures of your toga on Instagram, and tag everyone at the party so that they know that your toga is the fairest of the land.